Defy Doubt in Your Investment Research Process with Expert Call Services

Subject matter experts have specialized insights into and accumulated expertise in their industries, which are necessary to gain critical insights into any market opportunity. The nuanced firsthand perspectives provided by industry experts can complement your data-driven research with soft market information and complete your investment process.

AlphaSense, a leading market intelligence platform, has evolved the way researchers access expert insights with an extensive expert transcript library and Expert Call Services. Our personalized expert calls can complete your investment research process and maximize your return on investment (ROI) by streamlining your connection to experts and quality insights.

Leveraging expert Insights allows you to fast-track your understanding of an industry or market and gain a competitive edge with informed decision-making. Additionally, gaining granular insights from custom expert calls allows you to extract the exact information you need to map your investment strategy from firsthand operators that are closest to the “source of truth.”

By centralizing access to expert insights through AlphaSense, financial professionals can streamline their workflow and seamlessly transition between quantitative and qualitative research. Below, we explore how AlphaSense Expert Call Services can complete your overall primary investment research process and help you defy doubt to make smarter investment decisions. 

Streamline Your Investment Research with AlphaSense

AlphaSense has revolutionized the expert network industry by combining AlphaSense’s suite of Expert Insights with over 10 years of investment in artificial intelligence (AI) technology. This powerful integration provides you with the most robust and comprehensive research platform to conduct both primary and secondary market research all in one place.

Investment researchers can access quality Expert Insights in seconds with the power of smart AI-search tools and generative AI technology that can instantly distill complex topics into actionable insights. Our AI technology allows financial researchers to eliminate tedious manual tasks in their research process and focus on making well-informed investment decisions instead.

To harness the full power of AlphaSense’s all-in-one marketing intelligence platform, follow these simple steps and gain a 360-degree perspective on any investment research topic:

  1. Start Your Initial Research with AlphaSense: Begin your research journey by using AlphaSense to identify key topics relevant to your business. Utilize its advanced search capabilities to access a wide range of information, including earnings call transcripts, broker research, SEC filings, news articles, and more.
  2. Supplement with the Expert Transcript Library: Add a layer of primary research to your efforts using our expert transcript library. These expert call transcripts serve as a comprehensive database of expert insights, allowing you to digest and analyze expert discussions in detail and on demand.
  3. Dive Even Deeper with Expert Call Services: Once you have identified your key topics, press the “Talk to This Expert” button to dive deeper into those areas. Initiate a request to have our research team schedule personalized expert calls with industry experts to provide you with personalized insights tailored to your specific research project.

streamline your investment research process with expert call services talk to this expert

This workflow leads to superior research outcomes that enable you to outperform competitors at lower costs by optimizing your resource use and decision-making efficiency and decreasing your overall spending on external expert networks.

AlphaSense Expert Call Services maximizes your research budget ROI by reducing the costs of getting the financial information you need. AlphaSense’s powerful AI technology streamlines your workflow by giving you efficient access to critical firsthand insights from our extensive expert transcript library.

Discover how our AI technology and expert transcript library can optimize your research workflow in our whitepaper, The Expert Insights Flywheel: Maximize Return on Your Time.

Complete Your Investment Process with Expert Call Services

Talk to This Expert

Expert transcripts are dense with critical information and serve as a valuable resource for primary qualitative research. However, after reading through an expert transcript, you may find that you have burning questions and would like to dive deeper into the topic with the subject matter expert.

This is where the “Talk to This Expert” button can serve as an advantage by allowing you to seamlessly transition between comprehensive primary research and deeper qualitative research with the click of a button.

By leveraging the “Talk to this Expert” button found on every expert transcript in our library, you can initiate our Expert Call Services and schedule a one-on-one call with the transcript’s subject matter expert to gain personalized insights.

streamline your investment research process with expert call services talk to this expert gif

Additionally, AlphaSense’s powerful AI allows you to effortlessly navigate across tens of thousands of expert transcripts by using smart search capabilities to accelerate your investment research and discover quality experts. By leveraging our AI-search tools, you can quickly surface relevant experts from which you would like to gain personalized insights and then easily connect with them by clicking “Talk to This Expert.”

AlphaSense’s streamlined Expert Insights and powerful AI search technology create uninterrupted workflows in your investment process and make connecting with the right experts easier than ever.

Last-Mile Insights

While the AlphaSense expert transcript library allows financial researchers to conduct the bulk of their investment research needs and ramp up on new topics quickly, researchers can request clarification on specific topics to gain last-mile insights in their investment process by using Expert Call Services.

Do you have any burning questions about an industry trend, consumer behavior, or a market-moving event you need answers to? Expert Call Services allows you to get the answers to your most top-of-mind questions.

AlphaSense Expert Call Services provides investment professionals with one-on-one phone consultations with leading industry experts, allowing you to dive deep into a research topic from the expert’s perspective. This specialized information can fill research gaps with information that is typically too niche to grasp by a single call transcript.

This approach can enhance your primary research by using personalized expert calls to conduct last-mile research without the need to engage in discovery calls. Leverage our Expert Call Services for targeted consultations on complex and nuanced information on real-time topics to close gaps in your investment strategy.

Learn how to transform your investment research from reactive to proactive in our infosheet, 4 Ways to Maximize Your Primary Research with Expert Call Services.

Industry-Leading Compliance

Many traditional expert networks have limited compliance controls in place, poor expert training, and subpar documentation of meetings which can potentially lead to confidential information being shared during these one-on-one research calls.

Engaging with experts who have the right background, expertise, knowledge, and content disclosures is critical when conducting primary investment research across a range of industries. AlphaSense understands the importance of compliance and the nuanced risks associated with breaches and exposure to material non-public information (MNPI) for every industry.

That’s why our Expert Call Services only connects you with pre-vetted, qualified industry experts to ensure that every interaction you have with an expert provides quality insights along with compliance safeguards.

Our rigorous qualification process for industry experts and investment analysts guarantees:

  • Industry-Leading Compliance – Trust in our industry-leading compliance and rigorous vetting process that mitigates your risks of exposure to MNPI and connects you with reliable experts for safe and quality calls.
  • Customizable Compliance Solutions – Leverage our customizable compliance programs that tailor solutions to your company-specific standards and laws to ensure each call adheres to your compliance needs.
  • Domain-Specific Expertise – Connect with experts who specialize in your exact area of interest and deep industry knowledge to extract granular insights tailored to your unique research needs.

Conduct the perfect expert call with ease of mind through our reliable Expert Call Services and trustworthy experts so that you can make business and investment decisions with full confidence.

Defy Doubt in Your Investment Research Process with Expert Call Services

Expert Call Services allows researchers to dive even deeper beyond an expert transcript into their target subjects to extract granular insights that fill in information gaps. This targeted approach enables a deeper level of analysis, allowing you to extract valuable insights that might otherwise remain hidden and provide you with a competitive advantage.

Uncover deeper insights with personalized expert calls. Start your free trial of AlphaSense today.

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